My Internet TV: the final solution for TV on PC

Watch hundreds of free TV channels from countries of all world in different languages.

[From CNET editors’ review]
We liked My Internet TV.

The program’s interface is well-organized and attractive, and the program has several features that we don’t typically see in this sort of program.

We were most impressed with the preview option. While users are watching a channel in the program’s main viewing area, they can preview another channel in a smaller area to the side.

We also liked the fact that the program has a favorites list, allowing users to keep track of their favorite channels.[]


Who is that girl?

Her name is Maya and she is the digital soul of our software.
She represents the beauty and the elegance that we tend to have for our software. Maya is the vision beyond the point we have reached. And so now there is a new target to conquer.  Just follow Maya.

My Internet TV:  the final solution for TV on PC.

My Internet TV is a software application designed to be a free TV player for PC. “Free”means that all channels present in the application list, different hundreds, are all really free and that the user does not need topay for them. My Internet TV is a shareware application that requires only few dollars to unlock all the professional functions built in it.

This software application must be used to get a new way to view television. It does not pose any handling trouble and perusing the channel list is as easy as scrolling the mouse wheel or using keyboard arrows. My Internet TV has a preview window that works independently from video window; it is similar to picture-in-picture on television sets and it is very useful to take a quick look at a channel while watching another one.

My Internet TV is fully resizable and the user can customize the look and feel at his pleasure. It permits to create a list of favourites so to have a direct list of the most used channels. But the application goes beyond other similar software programs giving a simple way to populate a proper personal list of channels.

Just one another note: No additional hardware is required! No TV Tuner Card, no satellite or other hardware: only an Internet connection to be connected to a wonderful world of video, music and informations.

Download, unlock and enjoy!


System Requires

No additional hardware is required.

No TV Tuner Card, no satellite or other hardware: only your internet connection and you will be connected to a wonderful world of video and music.

All you need is Windows Media Player installed.

However in order to use My Internet TV you have to meet the following system requirements:

Operative System: XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / 7

windows compatible

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