Memo Password is a simple, tiny but powerful tool useful for storing and easily retrieve your passwords.

Feel free to use different passwords for each service you use  with your computer (e-mail accounts, online registrations, Windows logon, …).  You only have to remember one single master password that will secure all other passwords.

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Free version is limited to 3 password items. If you need more consider buying the professional version.

For only 9,90 EUR you will have free help support for your software.

You will can install the software on all your PC with a single license only!

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You will receive your license and a personal activation key.

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Memo Password version history

Note: date format used below in this document is day/month/year

Last version is 3.0

(Release date: 13/09/2013)

Version 3.0 build 4-330 (Release date: 13/09/2013)
– New: description filter in password list
– Update: Making Memo Password Portable procedure now uses folder dialog window
– Update: Open URL works fine even without http prefix
– Update: Open URL now copy username in clipboard
– Update: some minor GUI improvements
– Bug fix: Making Memo Password Portable procedure did not copy archive if full path was specified
– Bug fix: items count was not shown at first startup

Version 2.1 build 3-314 (Release date: 27/02/2013)
– Update: reset master password feature

Version 2.0 build 2-312 (Release date: 15/11/2012)
– New: text box to filter password list
– New: export password feature
– Update: master password windows is now loaded over all other opened windows
– Update: master password windows is not closed if password is wrong
– dialog windows style improvements

Version 1.0 – build 1-292 (Release date: 12/04/2012)

– First stable version

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