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Tesseract PAD Submitter is a very useful tool for single software developers or software houses who wants to increase the popularity of their software products and so their sales.

It helps to submit software information to different hundreds of PAD enabled web sites.

What is a PAD file?

PAD is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters.

Submitting your products

To submit your product specification simply double click on the list item in the left window or use right mouse click and choose "Open PAD submit url" menu command.

The web enabled site will be loaded and appear on the right window.

You must select the different input text boxes on the web page and click on the corresponding buttons down in the PAD submitter.

Pay attention to select the appropriate item in the product combo box.

After you have managed your all PAD file information requested by the site in question you can record the appropriate status for the web site in the PAD Submitter.

Submittings products

Right click on the treeview and choose "Status" item; then select "Submitted" or "Published" or whatever is needed depending on your specific submission.

Treeview shows graphically the status you have set with the following schema:

- Red icon for "Not submitted"

- Orange for "Submitted"

- Green icon for "Published"

You can also manage "Old version" flag. That is you already submitted you product to the specific site but before you released a new version of your product.



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Tesseract Pad Submitter

Why is it free?

That's real! Tesseract PAD Submitter is free.

The reason is in the fact that this software is sponsored by The House of Software.

The House of Software is a great  opportunity for single software developers and software houses to promote their software on a new smart distribution network.

The only limitation in the free version is the opening of the web page of  The House of Software when you open or close the app.

Write us for more information.



Our product is very popular in the web download sites.

Different web editors are very impressed  with the quality and usability of our software so to rate our excellent product with the Editor's Choice Award.

Also, they were impressed by the cleanliness of the program. According to their classification and to their test results, they decided to grant our product,Tesseract Pad Submitter , with a 5/5 Stars Rating. This award means that our product is a Premium Software.

Here are some of the awards that Tesseract Pad Submitter has received.


SoftPedia clean award









  supershareware.com award
 http://www.sharewareisland.com www.filedudes.com

  editor choice at geardownload.com
http://www.getabest.com/ http://downloadnew.org/ http://www.fileoasis.com/
http://www.sofotex.com/ http://www.softarmy.com/ http://www.kingdownloads.com/
http://www.yankeedownload.com/ http://www.soft82.com/






Tesseract Pad Submitter versions

Tesseract Pad Submitter

Last version is 13.2

(Release date: 25/02/2013)

Version 13.2 - build 16-217 (Release date: 25/02/2013)

- New: you can now add and modify history items linked to your submissions
- New: buttons for bookmarking added on the toolbar
- Update: site-product history log notes can now be edited

Version 2012.11 - build 15-208 (Release date: 26/11/2012)
- New versioning policy (Ubuntu like)
- Pad site list reviewed
- New setup engine (Innosetup)
- Other minor improvements

Version 5.2 - build 14-207 (Release date: 25/06/2012)
- Update: better statistical dashboard
- Update: notes to history logs added
- New: Facebook menu item added
- Bug fix: product's release date was not correctly managed if empty
- Pad site list reviewed
- Other minor improvements

Version 5.1 - build 13-195 (Release date: 28/02/2012)
- Update: Pad list is now more clear (no more http prefix)
- Bug fix: in some situations the command "Visit Site HomePage in External Browser" did not work
- New setup engine (Better Installer)

Version 5.0 - build 12-191 (Release date: 24/11/2011)
- Tesseract PAD Submitter is now freeware
- Update: auto filling button capabilities improved
- New: buttons in the product page to launch the browser to verify the links
- Bug fix: text area tag support

Version 4.2 - build 11-179 (Release date: 21/06/2011)
- New: auto filling button (beta)
- New: clear form text values button
- New: a single command to set all site elements with the "Old version" flag
- Bug fix: sometimes combo products causes a crash when trying to reselected an item

Version 4.1 - build 10-170 (Release date: 06/06/2011)
- New: filter on "Old version" items
- Update: Combo products now reloads selected item when the product window is closed for updating
- Update: download sites list link added
- Update: setup OCX process
- Other minor improvements

Version 4.0 - build 9-164 (Release date: 22/10/2010)

- New: you can now delete produt history items
- New: site list now shows if the PAD site requires authentication with username and password.
- New: "limitations" field added
- New: "recentChanges" field added
- New: "release date" field added
- New: "changelog" field added
- Bug fix: in some situations pad site property opened the wrong selected item list
- Update: Interface improvements
- Pad site list reviewed
- Trial version is now a demo version

Version 3.1 - build 8-145 (Release date: 21/07/2010)

- New: information window about site-product history log
- New: popup menu item "Select all" and "Select none" in pad site listview
- Update: better userid and password buttons functions
- update: do not stop on error when opening pad web sites wich generate script errors
- update: home start page now reports last date time operation on archive
- Pad site list reviewed


version 3.0 - build 7-128 (Release date: 21/12/2009)

- New: anti PopUp features
- New: import PAD site feature
- New: command to clear filter field
- New: command to selelect/deselect site list
- New: command to clear all pad sites bookmarks
- New: command go to next bookmark
- New: buttons for filling Username and passoword fields
- Bug fix: author button did not work
- Bug fix: ordering by rank caused problems on deleting items
- Other minor improvements
- Pad site list reviewed


version 2.2.6- build 97 (Release date: 14/10/2008)

- New: Icon URL and keywords fields in product description
- New: option setting for default ordering of pad site list
- New: command to open home page of selected pad site in external browser
- New: flag for "auto update" pad site info

version 2.1.5- build 92 (Release date: 12/07/2008)
- New: help manual
- New: Site property window, new commands to visit url in default external browser
- pad site list reviewed
- some minor updates

version 2.0.4- build 89 (Release date: 30/06/2008)
- new tool bar
- new "old version" field
- "New product" menu command bug fixed: in some condition it opened "Modify product" window.
- pad site list reviewed
- some minor updates

version 1.2.3- build 69 (Release date: 13/02/2008)
- statistics summary
- new element "Email Author" in products
- new menu command "Open Pad site HomePage"
- pad site list reviewed

version 1.1.2- build 59 (Release date: 17/01/2008)
- new combo "other elements" to easy paste product informations
- bug fix about adding new products

version 1.0.1- build 53 (Release date: 12/01/2008)
- 1.0 first stable version

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