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MemoCode 4.0 is out

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MeoCode 4.0 Tesseract is happy to announce the immediate availability of  MemoCode 4.0. MemoCode is a powerful tool useful for storing and easily retrieve code snippets (with syntax highlight), complex sequences of commands and various notes produced by programmers and System Administrators.

The software is also a great integrated manager for tasks, passwords and bookmarks.

Here are some of the main updates taken from the changelog:

Version 4.0 - build 13-212 (Release date: 08/01/2010)
- New: command to generate random passwords
- Update: better options management
- Update: better ordering list features
- Update: some graphics improvements for OS Vista and 7
- Update: setup with Scintilla.DLL ver 2.01
- Update: about box now reports Scintilla dll version info
- different minor updates

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